Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Microsoft is definitely, maybe planning to release a Surface Duo 2 with 5G this year

Given the novel form factor, groundbreaking design, undoubtedly challenging production, and last but not least, the moderate critical reception of the first-gen Surface Duo, the 2021 release of a vastly improved sequel was not exactly guaranteed right off the bat.

Yes, this year, which obviously makes sense given how many top smartphone brands are expected to unveil new, improved, and potentially affordable foldables throughout 2021 as well. Of course, Microsoft’s plans could always change (and they very often do when it comes to experimental hardware of this sort), but at least for the time being, the Surface Duo 2 is reportedly on track for an official debut at some point during the fall of 2021.

Unfortunately, the latest report on the second-gen Surface Duo is extremely light on specifics (and specifications), merely “revealing” that Microsoft wants to put “special emphasis” on “fixing and improving” the underwhelming software of the original model.

That’s hardly surprising to hear, and the same goes for the faster processor, 5G connectivity, and “improved” camera vaguely tipped at the moment as a few of the most important Surface Duo 2 upgrades in the pipeline.


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