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Ethernity Chain to launch on April 12 with ‘Welcome to the Internet’ NFT

  • Ethernity Chain has revealed that it launches on April 12 and has partnered with artist Jason Heuser for its first NFT.
  • The project has attracted massive interest in recent weeks, with several celebrities endorsing it, including skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, the Winklevoss twins and soccer legend Paolo Maldini.

It’s finally here. Ethernity Chain Platform is set to launch on April 12, the project revealed in a recent blog post. With its launch, the platform will have its first non-fungible token (NFT) token drop in partnership with celebrated artist Jason Heuser.

“Ethernity Chain’s first NFT drop is an ode to creators, crypto, memes, NFTs, and the very internet itself,” the blog post states, describing ‘Welcome to the Internet,’ a viral Internet meme that’s to become the first NFT on the Ethernity platform.

Welcome to the Internet, Please Follow me

The meme was designed by Heuser and has gone on to become one of the most easily recognizable globally. It was the inspiration behind the Windows ninja cat sticker which became wildly popular a few years back and served as “a sign that Microsoft was cool again.”

Ethernity selected ‘Welcome to the Internet’ as a symbol of the nature of its authenticated NFT model and why it will matter across multi-disciplinary mediums and fields. “We intend to be the manifestation of how the internet could have originally empowered creators and licensed materials working in concert,” the blog post reads.

We chose not to feature a specific notable figure, historical event, nor original licensed creation from the here and now. Instead, we’re honoring the past where our current NFT ecosystem could have made things right.

Using NFTs to power Web 3.0

In its early days, the Internet focused on value creation and liberating the masses. However, since then, centralized data monetization models have skewed this purpose and established a few giants that benefit the most. Ethernity Chain believes that by launching Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto has set the world on a different path that decentralIzes the power of the Internet to benefit the masses.

NFTs are the latest invention in the path towards a more decentralized Internet, “bridging real-world assets across blockchain to users using crypto and rewarding its creators directly..”

This is Web 3.0 truly realized and this is why we’re launching with this meme meets NFT to look back at the past where things went wrong and pave the way for our disruptive entrance to the NFT space; a space whose very creations are just beginning.

While its platform launches in a week, Ethernity Chain is already one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the past month. Its ERN token launched early last month after a crowd sale on the Polkastarter platform. At the time, it was trading at $3.15. It then went on a parabolic rise to hit its all-time high at $74.83, a 2,275% spike in three weeks. It’s now trading at $41.39.

It has also seen a massive rise in interest from cryptocurrency fans, topping the list of CoinGecko’s top ten trending coins in the U.S last week. Despite having a market cap of $315 million, it edged out Bitcoin which was third and Ecomi which was second on the list.

Ethernity has attracted several celebrities as they seek to create their NFTs. One of these is Tony Hawk, a retired skateboarding legend. He recently announced that he’ll release, on Ethernity Chain, a tokenized video depicting his final ever 540-degree ollie. The platform is also set to launch the Ali Collection – an NFT of the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali. The platform described it as the “first-ever licensed NFT of historical significance.”

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