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Big Data Protocol Staking Surges Over $6 Billion in Latest DeFi Frenzy

Boasting three and four-digit annual percentage yields, Big Data Protocol (BDP) has become the latest DeFi frenzy as total liquidity on the protocol has skyrocketed to $6.1 billion just two days after liquidity mining incentives were launched.

The protocol announced its fair launch on March 6 where 100% of the initial circulating supply, which is 30% of the total of its BDP token, will be distributed to the community over six days. It is backed by a team of technologists, crypto investors, and data scientists and designed to incentivize liquidity mining over the long term.

There are liquidity pools for twelve different DeFi assets and they have attracted a lot of collateral in just two days.

Big Returns for DeFi Stakers

Over a million ETH has been deposited in the wrapped Ethereum pool according to the BDP data vault, earning an APY of 40%. Almost 17,000 BTC is currently in the wBTC pool earning 82% APY while the Tether vault has gained 728 million USDT earning 96%.

The top earning pools are boasting four digit returns with OCEAN at 1,375% and TOMOE at 1,315% at the time of writing.

A blog post explaining the tokenomics elaborated:

“Users provide liquidity to earn bALPHA over the course of 3 months. Subsequent data tokens, named bBETA and bGAMMA, will launch after bALPHA, which will further incentivize liquidity.”

A portion of BDP and data tokens are burnt as the usage of the Protocol and marketplace grows over time, it added.

The total supply of 80 million tokens will be divided as follows: 30% distributed in the initial six day yield farming incentive, 35% allocated to future staking rewards, 25% held as an ecosystem reserve, and 10% to the team and advisors.

The bALPHA data token will have a total supply of just 18,000 tokens which will all be allocated to liquidity mining rewards. Two more data token sets, bBETA and bGAMMA, will be announced in due course the blog post added.

BDP Price Update

At the time of writing, BDP was trading at $5.85, falling 19% on the day after hitting a peak of just over $14 on Sunday, March 7.

The bALPHA price is a little over $10,000 per token after skyrocketing to over $40,000 at the weekend according to Coingecko.

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