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Best iPhone deals on Prime Day 2021: what to expect

Prime Day is upon us! Well, at the very least, it’s nigh — happening some time this June. Amazon Prime members will be able to enjoy a plethora of discounts, with plenty of tech products in there, too. The popular iPhones will, of course, be there as well.

Other major stores are typically also holding their own shopping events to rival Prime Day, so it’s going to be an interesting June. Let’s see what we can expect in terms of iPhone deals, shall we?

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If you are not a Prime member, but are on the fence — here’s where we try to answer “Is Amazon Prime membership worth it?”.

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Amazon Prime Day iPhone deals

Historically, we rarely get deals on brand-new iPhones on Amazon. But, on Prime Day, a lot of refurbished units sell for pretty hefty discounts. Back in 2020, we were able to buy Grade A refurbished iPhone 11 units for around $500. We expect something similar this year with the iPhone 12 models. And, who knows, maybe you will be able to score a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro for an insanely low price.Getting one of the newer iPhones (and not a SE model) at around the $400 – $500 mark is a pretty good purchase. These little things last long thanks to their powerful hardware and Apple’s commitment to software updates (up to 5 years!).

But, if refurbished is not your thing, you may have better luck looking at the other stores’ shopping events.

Can’t wait till Prime Day? Check these out:

Walmart iPhone deals on Prime Day

Walmart does not shy away from discounting brand-new iPhones, but there’s a caveat — they are usually locked to Straight Talk. Last year, you were able to get $240 off an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a whopping $350 off the iPhone XR, if you were willing OK with using them on Straight Talk.

This year, we expect something similar — maybe the iPhone 11 will take the XR’s place. Or, since the 12 series will be 8 months old by June, maybe we will get some serious discounts on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

Best Buy iPhone deals on Prime Day

Historically, Best Buy rivals Prime Day not with major discounts, but some cool bundle deals. Which can also end up being a bargain for you in the long run — it just depends what items or services Best Buy will choose to pair with the iPhones this year… and whether you need them.

Target iPhone deals on Prime Day

Target’s Prime Day rival event is called Deal Days and it runs for 48 hours around the same time. In recent years, we haven’t seen iPhone discounts on these Deal Days, unfortunately. This may or may not change in 2021. But otherwise, Target has had some killer smartphone deals during its Deal Days events, which will be worth checking out.

Surprise deals

Of course, we are expecting some pleasant surprises. If you are hunting for the best iPhone deals on Prime Day, keep your eyes on this article as it will be updated appropriately!


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